LE SSERAFIM’s Chaewon Confesses She Mutes Their Group Chat, And Even Her Members Didn’t Know

They compared it to Kazuha.

LE SSERAFIM recently sat down for an interview with Seventeen for their series, “Besties On Besties” where they described their members’ personalities and skills, picked the members with the best sense of style, and praised each other’s strengths.

They also talked about how Kazuha rarely replies to their group chat. Sakura responded that the phone beeps often if there are many messages, but Chaewon disagreed, saying they don’t use their group chat often. Her members violently reacted and insisted that they are always messaging each other.

  • Sakura: Well, if we were all texting a lot, it’d be loud. If it’s beeping, it’s always our LE SSERAFIM group chat.
  • Chaewon: We don’t really use our group chat…
  • Sakura: No! We do! Please, please. Honestly, I’m sleeping, and it keeps going off.

But that’s the moment LE SSERAFIM learned something new about her! She confessed that she mutes their group chat, and that made them cry out loud, saying how Kazuha at least reads what they write.

  • Chaewon: You sleep with notifications on? I turn them off.
  • Eunchae: I knew that already. She has them off.
  • Yunjin: This is more disappointing! More than someone reading the text and ignoring!

Chaewon, however, has a good reason for muting it. She explained that she does the same for all the chats she is a part of, not just LE SSERAFIM’s. She simply doesn’t like hearing many notifications go off, but she argued that she at least replies often.

No, so, I always mute notifications for group chats. Because you always get so many notifications. But I’m good at responding, right?

— Chaewon

Ultimately, her members agreed that it doesn’t matter if she mutes it because she is good at replying.

  • LE SSERAFIM: That’s true.
  • Chaewon: So what does it matter?
  • LE SSERAFIM: Okay. (laughs)

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