Kazuha Rarely Replies To LE SSERAFIM’s Group Chat, But The Real Reason Why Is Funny And Wholesome

Few people are like this 😂

There’s no doubt on any of the LE SSERAFIM members’ mind that there is one member who rarely replies to their group chat, and it’s no other than Kazuha!

Kazuha | @IM_LESSERAFIM/Twitter

In fact, it hasn’t been long since they dished on the time Kazuha didn’t greet Eunchae a happy birthday on their GC, even if they agreed to it beforehand. She defended herself by saying she had been showering at the time but eventually did greet the maknae.

The topic was once again brought up in an interview with Seventeen for their series, “Besties On Besties.” They were asked the question, “Who doesn’t text back?” and they shouted that it was an easy answer. Afterwards, they all pointed at Kazuha.

They asked her why she does it, and she gave a funny yet wholesome answer! According to the former ballerina, she does see their messages. The problem is that she reacts in her head then forgets to reply.


It’s kind of like…I see it then react to it by myself,” she sheepishly admitted.

Her members were surprised because they didn’t know that she reacts to their messages. However, they reminded her that they won’t know how she feels about the messages if she reacts on her own without expressing it to them.

Oh, to yourself! If you react to yourself, no one knows.


Meanwhile, watch the full video below.

Source: YouTube


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