LE SSERAFIM’s Eunchae Opens Up About Having “Nothing Special To Offer” And Comparing Herself To Her Members

Here’s what she thinks about it now.

From English skills to decade-long experience in the idol industry, all five LE SSERAFIM members have a role in the group that only they can provide. However, maknae Eunchae revealed in the group’s documentary that her biggest worry is that she won’t stand out due to her members’ great accomplishments.


She opened up about the statement an interview with Weverse Magazine when the interviewer asked her if her feelings about it are different now.

In the documentary, you said, ‘I’m not worried for the team, but I’m worried about if I’ll be noticeable enough. I want to make myself known too, but as of now, I’m really worried if I can do that. I think that’s my biggest worry right now.‘ Do you feel more comfortable now than you did back then?

— Weverse Magazine

According to the “ANTIFRAGILE” singer, it’s not as bad as before because she now has more confidence in herself. However, she was honest when she added that there are still some lingering feelings.

Because the members who appeared in Mnet‘s survival program Produce 48 were already well-known and Kazuha was a former professional ballerina, she felt like there wasn’t anything special she could offer to the group.

I feel way better about it now than before, but it hasn’t totally gone away. When we started out, some of the other members were already so famous, and Zuha had her secret weapon—ballet—so I felt like I had nothing special to offer, and I kept worrying about what to do.

— Eunchae

But she refused to just sit around and do nothing. “I’ve been putting in a lot of effort. It’s not easy, but now I’m trying to think, This is me—I am me,” she confidently said.

Finally, Eunchae shared that she was happy when people noticed that all the members had an equal chance to shine in their latest comeback. When she saw that fans were paying attention to her, she felt more motivation to not compare herself with her members.

I’m full of pride and really competitive, but it makes me compare myself with other people. But still, after our comeback, I heard lots of people saying, ‘It’s great that all the members are getting an equal chance to shine,’ and that brought me a lot of comfort.

And lots of people got to see my charming side in all the content we released between albums. So I’m trying not to compare myself to others anymore and I think I’m getting better at it.

— Eunchae

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Source: Weverse Magazine


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