LE SSERAFIM Hilariously Expose Each Others’ Dorm Habits And What It’s Really Like To Live Together

Eunchae did not hold back 😂

Like most K-Pop idol groups, LE SSERAFIM all live together. And recently, three of the members spilled on what their dynamic at home is really like.


The members have only just made their debut this year, but it’s been increasingly clear that they already get along extremely well. While Sakura and Chaewon have more experience than the others as idols, the members have showcased an undeniable bond throughout the months since their debut.

So much so that as the eldest member, Sakura has gained plenty of praise for her thoughtful treatment of the group maknaes Eunchae and Kazuha.

(From left to right) LE SSERAFIM’s Eunchae, Sakura, and Kazuha | @le_sserafim/Twitter

Speaking on the YouTube show TheKstarNextDoor, Sakura, Eunchae and Kazuha spilled on the unexpected details of LE SSERAFIM’s living arrangements. Sakura and Kazuha revealed that they share a space, while Eunchae shares with Yunjin and Chaewon.

| 디글 :Diggle/YouTube

When comedian Jonathan Thona asked them who never left home, Eunchae hilariously did not hesitate to expose her members. She said that Yunjin is pretty much always in and out and that, “All the footsteps are from Yunjin.”

Chaewon, on the other hand, is rarely seen outside her room. According to Eunchae, Chaewon has her own restroom, so “She has no reason to come out.”

In fact, she says, “It’s amazing to meet Chaewon in the house.”

Jonathan Thona asked them if they really get along, and all three members did not hesitate to say yes. But Eunchae also had a question, and asked her two members if they normally spoke in Japanese.

According to Sakura and Kazuha, they tend to mix it up when they’re at home, speaking in both Japanese and in Korean.

When LE SSERAFIM went on Weekly Idol during their debut period, the members were noticeably still getting used to each other. This time round, however, they seem undoubtedly more close and comfortable together!

Watch the full clip right here.


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