The Way LE SSERAFIM Met Kazuha Was So Unique, They Claimed That “No Other Girl Group” Was Like Them

And something like it probably won’t happen again.

LE SSERAFIM is a unique K-Pop group in many ways! In an interview on Showterview, the members recounted their one-of-a-kind pre-debut lives in front of MC and fellow singer Sunmi.

One member in particular had a situation that was so different, it made leader Chaewon comment, “I bet no other girl groups were like us.”

In her memory, the way they were introduced to Kazuha was unlike anything done in K-Pop so far. The member in question chimed in during her solo portion to explain exactly how she this happened.

Because LE SSERAFIM’s lineup was finalized only a few months before their debut in May of this year, the members were essentially formed while COVID-19 restrictions were still tight. Kazuha could not meet them in person since she had to be sure that she was safe from the virus.

I had to be in quarantine so I had to meet them through video call.

— Kazuha

As fans saw in their documentary “The World Is My Oyster,” it was a difficult time for the Japanese ballerina. Not only did she have to deal with the pressure of meeting already-famous singers, but she had to do so without being fluent in their language.

Back then my Korean was worse than it is now so I had to write down what to say and read it. That’s how we first met.

— Kazuha

The process was surprising to Sunmi as well who couldn’t help but let out a long, “Wow.” Moreover, since Kazuha left her potential career as a professional ballerina and only trained for a short period, it was an understandable reaction.

Sunmi: How long was it before joining LE SSERAFIM since you got cast?

Kazuha: Five months…so I had to train very quickly.

Read more about this unique experience of Kazuha’s below.

LE SSERAFIM’s Kazuha Gets Candid About “Appearing Out Of Nowhere” Pre-Debut And How Her Members Reacted The First Time They Met

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