LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura Pens Long, Touching Letter To Fans After “ANTIFRAGILE” Wraps Up

She struggled a lot during the preparations.

LE SSERAFIM has just concluded promotions for “ANTIFRAGILE”. The girls surprised everyone with their new look which was more boyish and trendy, compared to their previous styles.

As soon as she had some time, oldest member Sakura made sure to convey her emotions and gratitude to fans. She penned a long, sweet, letter to Fearnots on Weverse.


I’ve been so busy lately that I wasn’t able to say thank you even after promotions ended, so I’m uploading it now.

Once more, thank you for the plentiful support during “ANTIFRAGILE” promotions.

Looking back, we started recording “ANTIFRAGILE” the day right after we finished promotions for “FEARLESS”…

The long production period was a time where I could once more think about the performance aspect and as it was a song and dance that was from a genre unfamiliar to me, I worried about how to portray it and it was a task that caused me to break down mentally as it was so hard. Personally, I cried more and worried more during this than during “FEARLESS” haha.

— Sakura

Even though she had struggled a lot during the process, Sakura still managed to pull through and make her own self proud.

But I was able to find a new side to myself after trying so hard, and I was able to enjoy performing it bit by bit.

Since Fearnots have been telling me that they are happy as I look at peace recently and like I’m enjoying myself, I also came to feel that way too.

I think the me from the past would be surprised to see me now and of course, although I’m still lacking, I’m fascinated that I like how I am bit by bit and so I’m a little bit happy.

To be honest, it was such a hard time but because I went through that, I am able to stand on stage as I am now and I know that if such a situation happens again, I’ll pick the hard path rather than the comfortable one. I’m a little scared as I get these thoughts but that’s just me…

After turning 24, I think I now know what kind of person I am, and what I like and dislike.

Anyway!! Hehe that was my thoughts during the promotions and I hope they will be able to reach you, even just a bit.

Now, we’re betting our lives on our preparations for the year-end stages. Please anticipate the bestest performant that we will show you. And we will surpass your expectations. Now then~ I’ll work hard today too! Thank you once more for your steadfast support and love.

— Sakura

What an inspiring idol!

Source: theqoo


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