LE SSERAFIM Yunjin’s Latest Read Shows Her True “Fearless” Mindset

The story deals with subjects that are controversial in Korea.

Apart from being a stellar singer, songwriter, and performer, LE SSERAFIM‘s Yunjin is also an avid reader. Her previous shared reading list had revealed a wide range of complex subject matters, which impressed fans. Her newest addition to the list is no different.

Yunjin from LE SSERAFIM | @jennaisante/Instagram

On June 26, the LE SSERAFIM member was spotted with a book in her hand that Korean fans recognized as Ashes And Foam (literal translation of the title Jaewa Mulgeopum) by author Kim Cheong Gyul. The summary of the book describes itself as a work combining “‘The Little Mermaid’ motif and queer romance” to portray the struggles women face today.

The story revolves around two main characters, Marie and Sua. Marie is a shaman who has dedicated her entire life to serving the island village. Sua, on the other hand, is a mermaid who takes care of the islanders. If these two fall in love, they are at risk of disappearing into ashes and foam, respectively. Yet, they struggle just to buy a little more time with each other and, in the process, give the readers a glimpse of the different faces of love—the happy, the unhappy, the one that brings destruction, and the one that brings change.

“Ashes and Foam” | safehouse. kr

It turns out that Yunjin had personally recommended this piece to fans during a fansign event on June 18.

Soon after fans got wind of this book, the author also took notice and personally thanked the singer on Twitter. They added that they’re cheering for LE SSERAFIM too!

Given that in the past, idols have gotten hate from the public for reading feminist works, Yunjin publicly carrying this book around is a welcome sign of progress and a marker of her real character. Though international fans are eager to get their hands on this book now, unfortunately, it has no English version available as of yet. But you can get to know more about Yunjin’s reading list here.

Source: RIDI