Actor Lee Do Hyun Shows Off His Fourth-Generation Girl Group Knowledge — But There’s An Unexpected Plot Twist

We might have found his one weakness…

Actor Lee Do Hyun seems like the perfect man. Not only is he extremely handsome and talented, but he also has a charming personality. Yet, it seems as if Lee Do Hyun might have a weakness, and it’s his K-Pop knowledge.

Actor Lee Do Hyun | @ldh_sky/Instagram

After gaining attention for his role in The Glory, Lee Do Hyun has once again stolen the hearts of fans in his new role in the K-Drama The Good Bad Mother. 

The actor plays an aspiring prosecutor whose life is turned upside down after a life-changing accident reverts his personality to that of a child.

Lee Do Hyun starring in “The Good Bad Mother” | Netflix K-Content/YouTube

As expected, the cast has been doing interviews and special videos for fans to get netizens even more excited about what to expect from the show. Four of the main cast members recently appeared in an interview where they had to work in teams and answer questions.

One of the questions asked to the cast was about the total number of members if they combined IVE, NewJeans, and LE SSERAFIM.

The members of IVE | @IVEStarship/Twitter
The members of NewJeans | @newjeans_twt/Twitter
The members of LE SSERAFIM | @le_sserafim/Twitter

While Ahn Eun Jin and Yoo In Soo seemed excited by the question, obviously cementing their girl group knowledge, Lee Do Hyun and Ra Mi Ran seemed a lot less confident, even adding that his excuse was that he’s from the countryside, which is where the K-Drama is set.

While the opposing team was quickly writing things down, Lee Do Hyun and Ra Mi Ran didn’t seem as confident.

Lee Do Hyun even asked who IVE was, causing Ahn Eun Jin and Yoo In Soo to do their best impressions of the group, dancing to their hit song, “Love Dive.”

In the end, both teams surprisingly got it right by correctly saying they had a total of 16 members, with five in LE SSERAFIM, five in NewJeans, and six in IVE.

Yet, what was funnier was that even though Lee Do Hyun and Ra Mi Ran got it right, they had hilariously done the wrong sum. According to their board, they said that IVE had seven members, LE SSERAFIM had five members, and NewJeans had four.

It didn’t stop the rest of the cast from being impressed that they somehow managed to get it right without knowing the groups.

While Lee Do Hyun might be handsome and talented, he probably needs to brush up on his fourth-generation idol knowledge, especially if he’s going to do more interviews and variety shows.

You can read more about Lee Do Hyun’s latest project below.

Actor Lee Do Hyun Becomes A Hot Topic After A Dramatic Transformation In His New Hit K-Drama “The Good Bad Mother”

Source: JTBC Drama

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