Actor Lee Do Hyun Becomes A Hot Topic After A Dramatic Transformation In His New Hit K-Drama “The Good Bad Mother”

“I’m at a loss of words at how perfect and believable his acting is…”

While he has always been a much-loved actor, it seems like 2023 is THE year for actor Lee Do Hyun!

Actor Lee Do Hyun | @ldh_sjy/Instagram

Lee Do Hyun has impressed fans for years after playing roles in some of the biggest K-Dramas, including 18 AgainHotel del Luna, and his recent role in The Glory.

Lee Do Hyun in “18 Again” | Netflix K-Content/YouTube
Lee Do Hyun in “Hotel Del Luna” | Netflix K-Content/YouTube
Lee Do Hyun in “The Glory” | Netflix K-Content/YouTube     

Yet, Lee Do Hyun has become a hot topic online again after showcasing his diversity in acting with a completely different role.

One of the newest K-Dramas sweeping global audiences is The Good Bad Mother. 

The poster for “The Good Bad Mother” | JTBC

The series follows Young Soon (Ra Mi Ran), who is a single mother and is deemed “Bad” as she is strict with her son Kang Ho (Lee Do Hyun) because she doesn’t want him to become like her.

All grown up, Kang Ho works as a prosecutor and is cold-hearted, turning turned away his mother until he has an accident which leads him to have a child-like personality.

While it is well-known how talented Lee Do Hyun is, with his various roles, Kang Ho has showcased another side of the actor that has shocked fans. The role unsurprisingly required a lot of skill but also depth to portray a complicated character who has been through a lot.

During the episodes, Lee Do Hyun has to portray a character whose life was changed and whose personality has reverted to that of a child.


In each episode, Lee Do Hyun showcases another side to the character, allowing netizens to watch both Kang Ho and the mother adapt to the changes caused by the accident. While capturing the essence of a child, the actor doesn’t make it comedic and instead showcases the complexities of a child’s mind.



When the clips were posted, netizens couldn’t get over Lee Do Hyun’s amazing acting.

While it isn’t surprising that Lee Do Hyun was able to shine in such a unique role, the contrast from his other characters is huge. His ability to channel two different parts of his character for one show proves how diverse and talented he really is.

You can read more about the promotions for the show below.

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