Lee Dong Wook Sends A Heartfelt Message To Those Who Couldn’t Debut From “PRODUCE X 101”

He is literally the best mentor for all trainees!

Actor Lee Dong Wook recently opened up to “NYLON” magazine about his time with the trainees during PRODUCE X 101. To celebrate his 20th anniversary since debut, he was featured on the magazine cover for three different (yet all so sexy) looks!

lee dong wook nylon 2019 2

During the interview section, he was asked about his feelings towards the end of PRODUCE X 101. He answered that “Besides anything else, I’m just happy that I was able to meet a lot of kind and good juniors.

lee dong wook produce x end 1

He also gave a word of strength to the trainees who were unable to debut with X1. He said, “Even if you weren’t able to debut through the program, I sincerely hope that everyone can achieve the dreams that they’re working for.

lee dong wook 1

Lee Dong Wook was the main MC for the recent season of Produce 101, where he was praised as a heartfelt mentor who was truly sincere and kind towards every single trainee on the show.

lee dong wook 4


Lee Dong Wook is currently filming for his next drama, Strangers From Hell, which will air starting August 31.

Source: MBN Star
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