Lee Ji Yeon and Dahee both request appeals in Lee Byung Hun case

Model Lee Ji Yeon and former GLAM member Dahee have both requested appeals, following the court’s initial decision on the blackmail case involving actor Lee Byung Hun, which ended with the two females sentenced to serve time in jail.

On January 21st, Lee Ji Yeon and Dahee officially appointed lawyers Kim Sul In and Kim Chul to assist them in the appeal of the case. The lawyers are widely-known as they work at a firm founded by the former Chief of Justice Ahn Dae Hee.

A representative for Dahee has stated, “At the first trial, we believe that Dahee’s opinion and explanations were not properly considered by the court, and we will be appealing based on this. In fact, Dahee’s opinion differs from Lee Ji Yeon’s on this case, but it seemed like the court had viewed the two parties as one and finalized the case based on this. Whether or not Lee Ji Yeon’s act of crime was planned or not is completely irrelevant to Dahee’s situation. We believe the court had not taken into consideration that Dahee may have attempted to simply help Lee Ji Yeon without knowing the situation completely.

The original case began back in September 2014, and it was revealed that Dahee and Lee Ji Yeon had blackmailed Lee Byung Hun for financial compensation. Allegedly, Lee Byung Hun and Lee Ji Yeon were in an intimate relationship, and Lee Ji Yeon decided to blackmail Lee Byung Hun, with the help of Dahee, in reaction to begin emotionally devastated after he expressed his wish to break up with her.

As Lee Byung Hun took the issue to court, Dahee took the time to write a number of letters to apologize for her role in the case. Despite this, Dahee was still sentenced to serve one year in prison, while Lee Ji Yeon was sentenced to serve one year and two months in prison.

While the case was in progress, netizens were also concerned about the status of Lee Min Jung, the wife of Lee Byung Hun. It was reported that there is no change in the couple’s relationship and that they are happily awaiting the arrival of their first child.

The case is expected to continue for some time as the appeals are in progress.

Source: MBN and OSEN