Lee Nadine From “Single’s Inferno 2” Gets Clowned By Her Own Sister On Instagram

This is what a real sibling bond looks like.

Singles Inferno Season 2 just wrapped up on January 10, 2023. This season the show racked up even more popular and some of the contestants have even grown their niche fandoms. Out of those members on the cast, Lee Nadine is probably the top fan-favorite one.

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Nadine immediately drew attention of viewers, as well as of her co-ontestants, for her academic excellence. As soon as she revealed that she is a pre-med student at Harvard University, she became a hot topic on social media.

“Single’s Inferno 2” Cast Member Proves To Be A Whole Package After It Is Found Out That She Goes To Harvard

People couldn’t praise her enough for having it all- from intelligence to beauty to a good personality. So, it’s no surprise that people are still interested to see what she is up to after the show. Nadine  frequently updates about her personal life on her Instagram, but recently, her sister stole the show with just one post.

Right after the show aired its finale, Nadine’s sister, Izi, posted a picture of Nadine in her sexy black dres during the final episode on her Instagram story. In the caption, she wrote, “Legend has it she is still stuck in inferno till his day 💀.”

A week ago, Nadine herself joked that she is still stuck in the inferno and her sister commented saying, “How did you post this from inferno?”

The fact that Nadine was ultimately not successful in finding love on the show and hence, wasn’t able to get out of the “Single’s Inferno,” was actually upsetting to some of her fans. People were especially disappointed with Kim Jin Young who lingered beside Nadine for a long time during the final decision time and then moved on to Seul Ki as his final choice. But seeing how Nadine and her sister are openly laughing over her coming out single from the show, it’s reassuring that it was not a big deal to her.


At the end of the day, with her talent and personality, everyday is a win for Nadine!

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