Actor Lee Seung Gi Is Alleged To Have Left SBS’s “All The Butlers” Due To The Show’s Ties To HOOK Entertainment

The show was originally produced by SBS.

Actor/singer Lee Seung Gi is reportedly having a hard time due to not being able to trust people since it was revealed that the singer had not been paid for his music.

Lee Seung Gi | DongA Ilbo

On November 30, Sports Seoul released an exclusive article about the surrounding circumstances behind Lee Seung Gi’s exit from SBS‘s All The Butlers.


According to the article, Lee Seung Gi’s embattled agency HOOK Entertainment produced the show’s first season. This arrangement, however, has come to an end along with the show’s first season.

It is true that HOOK Entertainment handled the show’s production for the first season; however, this has come to an end with the show’s first season. The new season of All The Butlers is produced by SBS.

— SBS representative

The article attributed this as the reason for Lee Seung Gi’s departure from the show. According to the article, Lee Seung Gi had recently told a confidant recently that he couldn’t trust anyone. It is believed that because Lee Seung Gi is facing off with one of the industry’s titans in, CEO Kwon Jin Young, Lee Seung Gi has become much more cautious about who he works with.

According to the article, another industry insider revealed that Lee Seung Gi went as far as worrying that all of the reported media regarding his case was carefully construed by HOOK Entertainment and that the actor viewed SBS as cohorts of HOOK Entertainment.

HOOK Entertainment | @boraupdates/Twitter

Meanwhile, HOOK Entertainment’s CEO, Kwon Jin Young, released a statement on November 30 in which she apologized for misusing funds. The apology is a stark contrast to her alleged disposition in an audio recording in which a person alleged to be the CEO threatened to kill Lee Seung Gi.

Dispatch Reveals Disturbing Audio Recording Allegedly Of HOOK Entertainment’s CEO Threatening To Kill Lee Seung Gi



Source: Sports Seoul

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