Lee Seung Gi Finally Gives An Update On His Relationship With Lee Da In

He updated fans on the status of their relationship.

Actor Lee Seung Gi has remained rather tight-lipped about his relationship with actress Lee Da In. When the news first broke out in May 2021, he confirmed the relationship through his agency. Around August 2021, rumors flew about their breakup. Both of their agencies provided vague statements that they would be unable to confirm the news.

On May 5, 2022, almost a year after the initial relationship news, Lee Seung Gi dedicated a post to fans on his official homepage. He explained why he was unable to speak up on the matter up to now. He also apologized to fans for hurting them.

Lee Da In. | 9ATO Entertainment

We (fans and Lee Seung Gi) have hurt each other and been hurt by each other so much over the past year and I thought that it was because there was not enough communication so after deliberating for a long time, I’m speaking up now. As to why I did not speak up despite being surrounded by much noise, I thought that I would not have been able to accurately convey what I was thinking through emotional words. And I was worried that if it had happened that way, then it would result in an even larger misunderstanding and hurt.

Secondly, if the conversation between us (fans and Lee Seung Gi) were to leak out and be twisted into a second round of rumors, there would only be more hurt and it would also be used as fodder for gossip, so I didn’t speak up despite some people asking for me to give a concrete statement. I hope you will understand.

— Lee Seung Gi

Lee Seung Gi. | Hook Entertainment

He also made sure to update fans on his current relationship status with Lee Da in.

However, since there has not been any change in my personal affairs last year after the initial relationship news, I did not give any additional statements about it and I did not feel any pressing need to either.

I’m sorry if you felt upset by this and I want to comfort you guys even as I hope that you will benevolently be understanding and blame it on my shortcomings.

— Lee Seung Gi

With that, fans can rest-assured that Lee Seung Gi’s relationship is still going strong.

Source: SBS News

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