Actor Lee Soo Hyuk Officially Becomes Weverse’s “Prince” As He Announces Joining The Platform

“I’ll be waiting, your highness!!!”

Lee Soo Hyuk has always dazzled fans with his prince-like visuals.

Lee Soo Hyuk | @leesoohyuk/Instagram
| @leesoohyuk/Instagram

And his generous and kind personality.

But now Lee Soo Hyuk has been officially confirmed as a prince as Weverse literally rolled out the red carpet for the talented actor.

Lee Soo Hyuk recently took to his Instagram stories to tease that he would join Weverse.

Should I?

— @leesoohyuk/Instagram

Not only were fans excited about being able to communicate with Lee Soo Hyuk on Weverse, but the official Weverse Instagram account invited their “prince” to the platform.

This way, my prince!

— @weverseofficial/Instagram

An invitation Lee Soo Hyuk, of course, accepted.

The prince is on his way, hang on.

— @leesoohyuk/Instagram

Fans loved how “Crazy cute” the interaction was, believing that it showed Lee Soo Hyuk’s real, hilarious personality while accurately describing him as a handsome prince.

| theqoo
  • “The word ‘prince’ suits him so well, though.”
  • “It’s even more hilarious because he looks like he’d have the coldest personality.”
  • “Bahahahahaha WELCOME MY PRINCE.”
  • “The prince is on his way, HAHAHA.”
  • “Crazy cute, LOL.”
  • “LMAO! Why is Lee Soo Hyuk so funny? I mean, his visual gives ‘all-business-no-jokes,’ but he’s hilarious. Haha.”
  • “PRINCE ON WEVERSE WHEN? I’ll be waiting, your highness!!!”
  • “F*cking aye, LMAO.”
  • “WTF, hahaha. How is he so adorable?! Haha.”

You can read more about Lee Soo Hyuk’s personality here.

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Source: theqoo
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