Rapper Lee Young Ji Watches K-Pop Fan Edits, Surprising One TikTok Creator

She liked and favorited a video of another K-Pop idol.

Rapper Lee Young Ji has often been praised for her candid, humorous personality, which was especially highlighted during her hit YouTube series, My Alcohol Diary.

Lee Young Ji | @youngji_02/Instagram

Her show was so successful that BTS‘s Jin even dubbed My Alcohol Diary the “BTS of YouTube.”

BTS’s Jin and Lee Young Ji | @youngji_02/Instagram

Of course, alongside being a successful variety show host, Lee Young Ji is also a phenomenally talented artist who continues to impress fans with her skills.

Fans also love the talented rapper for her immeasurable charm and her surprising relatability. In the past, Lee Young Ji opened up to TWICE‘s Nayeon and Chaeyoung about the K-Pop idol she is subscribed to on Bubble, and fans couldn’t help but relate to her fangirling. Now Lee Young Ji has once again shown that she’s a relatable K-Pop fan as one TikTok creator saw some unexpected notifications.

Lee Young Ji often uploads to TikTok, never failing to make fans laugh with her great sense of humor.


@TWICE 님과 #듀엣 #talkthattalk✌ ❤️

♬ Talk that Talk – TWICE

But apparently, the rapper also uses TikTok to look up fan edits of some of her idol friends. One TikTok creator was surprised when they realized they had notifications of Lee Young Ji both liking and favoriting one of their videos.

Lee Young Ji was one of the three idols that performed alongside the WANT crew in Street Woman Fighter. Lee Chae Yeon, who was competing in the survival show, invited Weki Meki‘s Yoojung, LOONA‘s Yves, and Lee Young Ji to join in their “mega crew” performance. Since then, the four idols developed a close friendship, filming other dance videos and even going on vacation together.

(Left to right) Lee Young Ji, Yoojung, Yves, and Lee Chae Yeon | @dbeoddl__/Instagram

언니들고 ㅏ 여름휴가 🫶

♬ follow me for an edit – lindsay

So it’s not too surprising that the fan-edited TikTok Lee Young Ji liked and added to her TikTok favorites was of her friend Lee Chae Yeon.

The TikTok of Lee Chae Yeon that Lee Young Ji liked | @12crackheads111/TikTok 

and the saga continues 😭 #leechaeyeon #chaeyeon #kpop #fyp (c): @/paintthekelly on twt


Although it was unexpected, many fans couldn’t help but relate to Lee Young Ji since they weren’t aware that TikTok creators could see when a video was added to someone’s favorites.

Fans heralded her as a “supportive bestie,” imagining she’d send it to a group chat that included Lee Chae Yeon.

Other fans are joking that this is their incentive to make other edits Lee Young Ji would want to see, to get an interaction of their own.

As always, Lee Young Ji is reminding fans why they love her so much.

Lee Young Ji

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