Lee Yu Bi Reveals The Relatable Reason Why People Either Loved Or Hated Her On Set

She can’t help her personality.

On a recent episode of MBC‘s Radio Star, actress, Lee Yu Bi described herself as an actress people either love or hate on set.

According to Lee Yu Bi, actresses are expected to turn the other cheek when something is wrong and pretend everything is peachy, especially when they’re just a rookie actress.

But Lee Yu Bi explained that her personality doesn’t allow her to do so.

I really can’t do that. It’s not my personality. So when I went on set and the vibe was bad because of a fight, they probably expected me to just say hello with a smile as if everything was fine. But I’m the type to be like, ‘What’s wrong? What happened here?’

— Lee Yu Bi

As a result, people ended up either loving her or hating her.

So they were divided. Some would say I have a great personality. But others would say I meddle too much.

— Lee Yu Bi

And it hurt Lee Yu Bi so much that she kept quiet, but only for one year.

I was so hurt by that that I didn’t say a single word for a year. But I couldn’t do it anymore after that. I was having an identity crisis.

— Lee Yu Bi

Luckily, Lee Yu Bi found a solution.

Now, I just go on set and meddle. But if I say, ‘Sorry, I’m meddling a lot, aren’t I?’ they like it more.

—Lee Yu Bi

It’s good to hear she can be herself again because she’s pretty damn lovable just the way she is!

Check out the full story below:

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