“I Live Alone” Actor Sung Hoon Holds An Unintended Drunk Live Broadcast… And It’s Nothing We Expected

zzzZZZ 😪😪😪

Early morning on June 27, 2020 KST, I Live Alone‘s beloved member and actor Sung Hoon began live streaming on his Instagram account…

Actor Sung Hoon on “I Live Alone”

… and over 2,000+ of his fans rushed over to watch. Except…

… the live stream showed a pitch black screen, with Sung Hoon drunk and passed out. In a hilarious review of the live stream, Sung Hoon’s fans shared online that they could hear him snoring…

… along with someone calling and his adopted dog Yanghee barking at all the commotion.

Sung Hoon with his dog Yanghee

At one point, Sung Hoon shuffled around in bed — changing the camera angle to reveal the ceiling. At this point, almost 3,000 people had their eyes on this sleep-stream.

  • “Oh, wait. Is he flipping over? LMAO.”
  • “Maybe he’s awake.”
  • “Nooooooo T_T”
  • “LOL! Is he going back to sleep?”

By 5:30AM KST, someone — assumed to be Sung Hoon’s manager — punched in the house code, entered, and turned the live stream off. While the live stream didn’t reveal much, except the fact that Sung Hoon snores like a man and Yanghee barks like a dog…

“This live has been paused.”

… the 3,800+ viewers absolutely loved the quality content. Talk about a real personal-and-up-close look inside Sung Hoon’s Saturday morning!

While one too many drunk live streams go awry and become controversial in one way or another, Sung Hoon’s fans believe this particular one is the cutest, most hilarious one they’ve seen in a while.

Source: THEQOO and Daum Cafe