“I Live Alone” Kian84 Under Fire For Sexist Webtoon… Calls For His Removal From The Show

The petition has reached over 60,000 signatures.

Kian84 has recently come under fire for this webtoon, Bok Hak Wang. In particular, a scene where the main female lead is at a company dinner and is made to crack open a clam shell, has been interpreted as misogynistic by many readers.

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What is problematic is that the scene was followed by a narration of the female lead being desperate for a job, and was immediately followed up by the clam-cracking scene. Although her boss had originally stated he would not be picking her, after the dinner, it was stated that she had landed the job.

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Readers saw that this perpetuated the societal notion that women sleep their way up the ladder. While some stated that this was merely portraying reality, others saw it as poorly depicted. Viewers of the show, I Live Alone, have taken to the show’s message board to demand his withdrawal from the show.

Viewers have spammed the message board. | XSports News

Although Kian84 has changed the scene to a crab instead of a clam, many are still unappeased. The petition for him to be taken off air has currently reached 64,935 signatures as of 13th August, 3.20pm KST. The show has yet to respond with their decision.

Source: Kookmin Ilbo and Newsen