Lizzo Slays In New Cover Of BTS’s “Butter,” And Gives Her Bias Jimin A Special Shoutout

Lizzo continues to showcase her ARMY status!

Since debuting in 2013, BTS has continued to grow in popularity, and their fame has spread worldwide. In particular, it seems like more and more celebrities have been vocal in their love for the group, and it isn’t surprising to see why.

Members of BTS | @bts_bighit/ Twitter

Yet, when it comes to A-List celebrities who are fans of BTS, one of the biggest and most passionate members of ARMY has to be American singer Lizzo. In recent live broadcasts, she has shared her love for the group, revealed her bias, and even had a bias wrecker!

Lizzo | @lizzobeeating/ Instagram

Recently, Lizzo appeared on The Late Late Show With James CordenAlongside chatting about her career, the singer took part in an “80s v Today Dance Bop Riff-Off” with James Corden. During the video, Lizzo absolutely slayed as she picked to cover BTS’s iconic track “Butter.”

| The Late Late Show with James Corden/ YouTube
| The Late Late Show with James Corden/ YouTube

Yet, if that wasn’t enough, Lizzo made sure to give a shoutout to her bias, adding, “Hey Jimin…” when the performance ended, before chanting “BTS” with the crowd.

| The Late Late Show with James Corden/ YouTube 

When the video was shared, ARMYs couldn’t get over Lizzo’s vocals and how excited she was to cover the track. They also loved how she made sure to give a shoutout to Jimin at the end to cement her own status as an ARMY.

For anyone who doesn’t know, Lizzo has always been vocal about her love for Jimin. During a live broadcast with fans, she shared that she doesn’t only love V and Jimin separately, but shared that she loves their friendship as well!

You know Jimin is my favorite. Jimin is my bias? That’s what you say? I love Jimin. I like V too! Their relationship, whenever they perform, they be next to each other. They’re like BFFs.

— Lizzo

| @lizzobeeating/Instagram 

Yet, it isn’t even the first time she’s showcased her love for Jimin while performing “Butter.” On September 23, 2021, BBC Radio 1 announced that Lizzo was going to be appearing in their Live Lounge series and would be covering BTS’s “Butter.”

The radio station posted an image previewing the performance. Yet, as excited as fans were, the next part of the tweet had them noticing something they couldn’t get enough of, and it was Lizzo’s shirt and the fact it might have been referencing the combined name of Jimin and V, which is “Vmin.”

| @BBCR1/ Twitter

She even got to meet the duo, along with some of the other members, when they both went to see a Harry Styles concert in LA. In particular, they drove netizens crazy with their adorable interactions.

| @lizzobeeating/Instagram

Hopefully, it won’t be too long before they can all meet again, and many ARMYs are definitely manifesting a future collaboration. No matter what happens, fans can rely on Lizzo to always be a proud ARMY and showcase her love for the group no matter where she is.

You can read more about this iconic friendship below.

All The Rumors Are True—BTS And Lizzo Are Officially Besties Now

Source: The Late Late Show with James Corden


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