Lizzo Celebrates BTS V’s Birthday With A Post, Proving She’s A True Fan And Friend

She’s such a great friend!

American singer-songwriter-rapper Lizzo has definitely been an ARMY for a while now, thanks to her sister.

From left: Jimin, V, and Lizzo at Harry Styles’ concert in L.A. | @lizzo/Twitter

She even confessed that her biases are V and Jimin, as she became a fan, especially of their friendship.

So, when she covered “Butter,” she even displayed her biases proudly with a “VMIN” shirt.

It was a dream come true for Lizzo when she not only got to meet them but hang out with both biases along with Jungkook and J-Hope at her friend Harry Styles‘ concert in Los Angeles, California, ahead of the group’s own concerts (she also attended as a fan). Since then, this fan has become a friend to the members!

This was surely a great memory for all. So, to celebrate V’s birthday, she shared a beautiful fanart that commemorated it.

If you’re wondering, the talented ARMY behind the fanart is Whimsymoonpaints (@SongEunJin17 on Twitter and @whimsymoonpaints on Instagram).

They’re a very talented conventional and digital painter. The artist was so excited to see their work shared by none other than Lizzo herself!

If you like amazing art, you should definitely be checking Whimsymoonpaints out! Just look at all they’ve done for V’s birthday.

Whimsymoonpaints posts more often on Instagram. Lizzo is such an ARMY now that she even checks out fanart on the app!

Source: @lizzo and @whimsymoonpaints

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