LOONA Chuu’s School Violence Accuser Posts A Formal Apology

“I exaggerated.”

LOONA‘s Chuu was faced with school violence and bullying rumors which her agency, Blockberry Creative denied and promised to take strong legal action.

Not long after the accusations were made, the accuser formally apologized in a new post confessing that the claims were exaggerated.

I’m the person who wrote the first post making the claims. Everything I wrote were exaggerated.

— Netizen

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The accuser also elaborated as to what led them to make such accusations.

During our school days, I wasn’t on good terms with Kim Jiwoo (Chuu), and as time went on, those memories must’ve dramatized in my mind. When I first wrote the post, I had a feeling something was off, so I thought about taking it down. But due to my bad judgment, we’ve come to this point.

— Netizen


Lastly, the accuser apologized for the claims and promised to take down all posts related to the exaggerated bullying accusations.

This is all because I’m lacking. I’m sorry to LOONA’s Chuu, her fellow members, Blockberry Creative, and their fans. I’ll delete all my posts related to bullying. I apologize for the inconvenience. I didn’t know it would escalate so far. I once again apologize to LOONA’s Chuu.

— Netizen

Source: Dispatch