LOONA’s Olivia Hye Leaves A Show “Due To Health Reasons,” But Fans Are Worried It Wasn’t “Her Own Decision”

Since fans found out through the show, they demand an announcement from BlockBerry Creative.

Fans of LOONA have been actively boycotting the group in hopes of freeing all of the remaining members from their contracts with BlockBerry Creative.

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After BlockBerry Creative removed Chuu from the group, Dispatch released an exposé that, while seemingly intended to prove Chuu’s “abuse” toward the staff, actually had netizens siding with Chuu’s responses as details about the group’s mistreatment were revealed.

Fans were glad that Chuu had successfully filed a lawsuit against the company and were hopeful that the other nine members who filed an injunction would have similar results.

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Unfortunately, as of now, only four of the nine members (Heejin, Kim Lip, Jinsoul, and Choerry) won their court case (with both Vivi and Hyunjin not having filed an injunction). Currently, Haseul, Yeojin, Yves, Olivia Hye, Gowon, Vivi, and Hyunjin all still have their contracts with BlockBerry Creative.

Although BlockBerry Creative was vocal about the sudden announcement of a comeback and, shortly after that, the indefinite delay of the album, the company has not kept fans updated about the members’ conditions.

Fans instead have been relying on direct updates from the members themselves, which led to criticism of BlockBerry Creative after the company announced that they would no longer be using Fab, the private messaging service that allowed their idols to talk to fans.

Fortunately, multiple members of LOONA have made personal Instagram accounts where they can continue to update fans.

Despite all the turmoil and controversy, two members of LOONA have been appearing on a virtual reality survival show, GIRL’S RE:VERSE. Although the show’s contestants have yet to be officially announced, as the contestants are active girl group idols, it took little time for fans to identify the participants by their voices, mannerisms, and skills.

Heejin | @loonatheworld/Twitter
Olivia Hye | @loonatheworld/Twitter

LOONA’s Heejin is portraying Rien and continually shocking the judges, other contestants, and viewers with her talent.

Olivia Hye is portraying Chonky Cat, an immediate fan-favorite among viewers for her entertaining comments, playful “beef” with contestant Muneo (portrayed by former IZ*ONE‘s Kwon Eunbi), and of course, impressive performance skills.

Although Heejin and Olivia Hye have been thriving in the show, the official Twitter account for GIRL’S RE:VERSE unexpectedly announced that Chonky Cat would leave the show for health reasons.

Hello. This is RE:VERSE. Unfortunately due to health reasons, Chonky Cat will be halting her challenges at W and returning to her hometown on the Cat Star. We would like to thank Chonky Cat for trying her best up until now, and we ask everyone to continue cheering for Chonky Cat’s future.

— @girlsreverse/Twitter

Given the unexpected announcement, fans are voicing their concerns about Olivia Hye and calling out BlockBerry Creative for not handling the situation directly.

Fans had already been worried about Olivia Hye since they had yet to hear from the idol directly. They do not trust BlockBerry Creative to not penalize the remaining members for filing an injunction, given how BlockBerry Creative treated Chuu.

Notably, GIRL’S RE:VERSE did not directly reveal the show’s contestants, which is why BlockBerry Creative couldn’t have directly announced that Olivia Hye would no longer be participating. But fans still demand an update about Olivia Hye’s health and believe that it is strange for BlockBerry Creative not to make their own announcement.

Some fans even suspect that BlockBerry Creative could have pulled Olivia Hye out of the show, making them more concerned for the idol’s well-being.

As fans call out BlockBerry Creative for their mistreatment of LOONA and poor communication, they also send well-wishes to Olivia Hye, hoping the idol is alright and recovers quickly.

As of the time of this article BlockBerry Creative has not released a statement.

Source: @girlsreverse


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