LOONA’s Olivia Hye Leaves A Cryptic Update For Fans, Weeks After Losing Her Injunction Against Her Label

Fans are unsure if they should hope for a plot twist or not.

On January 13, it was reported that four members of LOONA, Heejin, Kim Lip, Jinsoul, and Choerry had won their injunctions against their label Blockberry Creative, while five other members, Haseul, Go Won, Yves, Yeojin, and Olivia Hye lost theirs. This implied that while the former set of members was allowed to terminate their contracts with the label, the latter remained under the company since the court didn’t find their contracts unjust.

More than two weeks after the ruling, Olivia Hye has finally broken her silence with an update on the communication application Fab. The singer addressed her fans in a text message and admitted that it was not easy to speak up since every possible outcome would be hurting them. Still, she notified Orbits (the official fandom name of LOONA) that they will be getting “news” soon and promised to build herself up again. She signed off by wishing everyone a belated happy lunar new year.

Hi Orbit, I’m sending you my first message in such a long time. I think Orbits would be hurting no matter what I say, so it’s not easy for me to speak. I believe you will be getting news soon, but I wanted to reach out to you before that. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I’m going to work up strength, so that I can stand in front of Orbits looking even better than now. It’s late, but wishing you lots of New Year’s blessings too, and I hope that this year Orbits and Loona both will be able to smile brightly.

—Olivia Hye

The mention of the upcoming “news” has fans anticipating the best and the worst. Many feel that Olivia Hye was referring to an impending disbandment of LOONA, which, though sad, would imply the members’ freedom. Still, some are clinging to the hope for better news, like a possible acquisition of their current label by a better company.

On February 3, it was reported that the remaining two LOONA members, Vivi and HyunJin had also filed a suit to terminate their contracts with Blockberry Creative. Meanwhile, Olivia Hye was reported to step down from Kakao Entertainment’s girl group survival show GIRLS RE:VERSE on January 21, stating health reasons, after she lost the injunction to terminate her contract.


While waiting for the final decision to hit, some fanbases of LOONA have organized a petition to express that they, as consumers, have lost trust in the label. The aim of the petition is to help the group with their legal battle with Blockberry Creative.