LOONA Is Reportedly Preparing For A Comeback In January 2023

But apparently it won’t include all the members.

On December 7, a K-Pop industry insider shared that BlockBerry Creative is allegedly preparing for LOONA‘s comeback in January 2023.

LOONA | BlockBerry Creative

The comeback will apparently happen on January 3 and only include ten of the eleven remaining members of LOONA.

| BlockBerry Creative

This announcement comes only weeks after Chuu‘s recent removal from the group on November 25 due to an “abuse of power,” according to the label.

Chuu (LOONA)

There’s no clear answer why the comeback will only include ten members. The report comes as a surprise to many because it was recently rumored that nine of the remaining members of LOONA had requested to terminate their exclusive contracts with BlockBerry Creative after Chuu’s removal from the group. However, the label later shared a statement saying that the rumors weren’t true.

| BlockBerry Creative

LOONA’s last comeback was with the album Flip That, which came out on June 20, 2022.

| BlockBerry Creative

Keep an eye out for updates on the situation involving LOONA’s future plans.


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