LOONA’s Vivi Is Taking Over Twitter Once Again With Her Heart-Stopping Comeback Teaser

“VIVI FROM LOONA” is back!

From the moment LOONA announced their comeback plans for October, excitement has been building each day and with every new teaser release. These new teasers, however, haven’t just been raising the anticipation; they’ve been leaving Orbit everywhere feeling very attacked.

Vivi’s first teaser photo for “12:00”. | @loonatheworld/Twitter

Vivi‘s teasers in particular have been setting hearts ablaze with each set going mega-viral on Twitter.

Vivi’s second “12:00” concept photo. | @loonatheworld/Twitter

So when LOONA dropped some more of their third concept photos for the upcoming mini-album 12:00, Vivi once again took over Twitter!

Dropping at midnight KST on October 6, Vivi’s latest concept photo immediately had hearts skipping a beat. Within five minutes of the photo’s release, “VIVI FROM LOONA” began trending worldwide and within ten minutes Vivi had slid into the top 10 trends!

| @loonatheworld/Twitter

With her lightning-fast takeover, Vivi had everyone feeling the effects of her heart-melting charms and heart-stopping visuals.

Her sheer power has fans even more convinced that this is her era!

Vivi and LOONA, meanwhile, will continue dominating through their upcoming mini-album 12:00 set to release on October 19 at 6 PM KST.

| @loonatheworld/Twitter


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