Lovelyz’s Jisoo Vents About The Girl Group’s Inactivity And Their Agency’s Lack Of Album Opportunities

Their last album was released over a year ago.

Lovelyz‘s Jisoo is making headlines for her honest confession regarding Woollim Entertainment‘s management.

Lovelyz’s Jisoo | @jeezepizza/Instagram

The girl group member recently sat down and filmed a V Live session in an effort to interact with her fans. However, amongst the topics discussed, there was one particular segment that has been breaking the hearts of Lovelyz fans.

In an audio excerpt provided by Twitter user @jigiya0320, Jisoo can be heard opening up about the ongoing management situation with her label and the lack of album opportunities the girl group has been given.

We have done all we can. We have brought up our desires to release an album and other things. It’s not that we haven’t done anything. We don’t just sit there and remain silent. It’s our lives too so of course we said something.

We feel sorry for wasting so much time and we also feel sorry to all of you guys. We’re not just waiting around aimlessly and we want you all to know that.

— Lovelyz’s Jisoo on V Live

Upon hearing her woes regarding the girl group’s current situation, the hashtag #lovelyzdeservesbetter began to take over Twitter as fans began to speak up on behalf of Lovelyz.

The last time Lovelyz released an album was back in September 2020 with an EP titled Unforgettable. It has been over a year since they were last active as a group and it looks like both the members and the fans are done waiting around.

Lovelyz’s promotional photo for their “Unforgettable” album | Woollim Entertainment