Lovelyz’s Mijoo Reveals The Real Reason Why She Joined Antenna Music—And It’s Not Because Of Yoo Jae Suk

Queen Mijoo energy 👑

Lovelyz‘s Mijoo is really proving her status as South Korea’s hottest “it” girl of the season with her newest 1st Look magazine pictorial! The stunning idol showed off her charms in unique fits and poses, all while answering questions in the interview portion.

The talented girl group member first discussed her thoughts on her ever-so trending popularity, to which she shared she can’t “believe it.”

Lovelyz’s Mijoo | 1st Look

I can’t believe my current career high. Through the program ‘Sixth Sense,’ I was able to recognize the fun in variety shows. The public seems to receive me positively. I’m grateful that people continue to cast me in other variety show opportunities.

— Mijoo for “1st Look”

She continued by revealing her work ethic and her mindset when filming for the numerous shows she has on her busy schedule.

When I film, I work my hardest while trying to enjoy my time. And in reality, I do really enjoy it. My greatest weapon is enjoying my current situation and being honest.

— Mijoo for “1st Look”

It was here that Mijoo discussed her transition to her current label, Antenna Music. Previously, the Lovelyz member was rumored to have joined the agency because of her variety show mentor, Yoo Jae Suk. However, it was during her interview with 1st Look that the idol shared the real reason why she chose Antenna Music.

I believed that they were a place where I can do well and where I can do good things well with them together.

— Mijoo for “1st Look”

The girl group member continued with the exact, detailed reasons why she believes Antenna Music is a place where she can do things “well.” The Lovelyz member had high praises for the agency, as she revealed that they have “everything [she] wants” when it comes to her future.

They’re a company that aims to have great people, music, and laughter. They have everything that I want when I think about the future I want to create for myself. I want to show everyone what it looks like to go towards your dreams step-by-step while maintaining good synergy.

— Mijoo for “1st Look”

Back in November 2021, Woollim Entertainment shocked the nation when they announced that 7 of the 8 Lovelyz members chose to not renew their contracts. While the news of a disbandment was never confirmed nor denied, fans were still left in complete dismay.

Just a few weeks after Woollim Entertainment’s announcement, Antenna Music confirmed that they had signed an exclusive contract with Mijoo, while sharing their excitement about getting to work alongside the idol member.

Source: WikiTree