Lovelyz’s Mijoo Gets Visibly Flustered As She Tells Her Blind Date To Send Her A DM

Why is she such a vibe?!

Lovelyz‘s Mijoo is making headlines for her real and unfiltered response to an online blind date. On the most recent episode of Hangout With Yoo, Mijoo and comedian Shin Bong Sun sat down to participate in two online blind dating sessions. The girl group member went first, and it was here that her real emotions began to pour out.


I’m so nervous. I’m so nervous unnie. What do I do, I’m so nervous!

— Lovelyz’s Mijoo

Following her nerve-filled vent session, Mijoo confessed to Shin Bong Sun that she has never been on a blind date before!

Today is my first blind date.

— Lovelyz’s Mijoo

Naturally, Shin Bong Sun began to check on Mijoo to make sure she looked as perfect as she could, which led to them checking her nose for any boogers.

And while the two ladies engaged in their silly “nose check,” Mijoo’s blind date entered the chat room — which led to Mijoo’s very visible freak out!

Oh my god unnie, I was doing this [nose check] and he came in!

— Lovelyz’s Mijoo

But don’t worry, as the Lovelyz member pulled it together to muster up an adorable  “hello” to her blind date match.

Hello, I’m Lee Mijoo. It’s a pleasure to meet you.

— Lovelyz’s Mijoo

It didn’t take long for Mijoo to shoot her shot, as she began to boldly ask her blind date if he’d be interested in “going on walks together” with their dogs.

Blind date: “I have a pet so on my days off, I like to go on walks with my dog.”
Mijoo: “I really like dogs so I also like to take my dog on walks on my days off too. If you ever have time, I think it could be fun to go on walks together.”

The girl group member continued with her boldness, as she asked her blind date when he was free. Mijoo cracked up the entire studio when she followed up by sharing that she was free “after the shoot” was over.

When are you free? I am free after this shoot is over.

— Lovelyz’s Mijoo

Feeling sad about having to end her online blind date, Mijoo expressed her true desires to meet up with her date, asking him to “come to MBC” and to “send a DM.”

Lovelyz‘s Mijoo: “I’m at MBC in Sangam. Please come here quickly. I will wait for you to get here.”
Blind date: “I will go as soon as I can.”
Lovelyz‘s Mijoo: “Do you want to send me a DM…?”

Oh Mijoo, we cannot with your honesty! You can watch the entire interaction down below!

Source: WikiTree