Luhan to star in Chinese remake of Korean movie, “Blind”

After topping box office with recently released Chinese movie Miss GrannyLuhan will be back on the big screens as the male lead of Chinese movie I Am A Witness (tentative name).

Despite warnings from SM Entertainment that his activities in China are against his contract that has yet to be nullified, Luhan is fighting back with a countersuit and still is receiving many love calls.

Originally a Korean movie released in 2011, Blind is a thriller and crime-based movie starring Yoo Seung Ho and Kim Ha Neul. With the popularity of the original award-winning film, preparations for a Chinese remake, temporarily named I Am A Witness, is on the way. The movie is to be co-produced by New Clues Film based in Beijing and Jaywalk Studio based in Shanghai.

Starring alongside Luhan as the movie’s main couple is Chinese actress Yang Mi. The storyline of Blind revolves around two witnesses of a murder, who collaborate to hunt down the murderer. In particular, Yang Mi plays a witness who is blind, while Luhan was chosen for his role with his befitting age, aura, athletic abilities, and appealing appearance suitable for the male lead’s character.

With the Korean version winning big awards at the 32nd Blue Dragon Film Awards and the 48th Grande Bell Awards, there is much anticipation and pressure placed on the two Chinese leads.

Coincidentally, Back to 20, which Luhan starred in, is also a Chinese remake of Korean movie Miss Granny.

In other news, Luhan’s reunion with Wu Yifan (Kris) on CCTV‘s New Year’s Gala is facing difficulties, possibly due to the sensitivity of their conflict with SM Entertainment.

I Am A Witness is scheduled to start filming in March.

Source: sina