MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Gives An Unexpected Shoutout To BTS

The room broke into glee!

When it comes to showing their respect and appreciation for BTSMAMAMOO members never shy away from taking the lead. During the 2018 Melon Music Awards, they were the only artists who gave BTS a standing ovation.

Plus, there is hardly anyone in the industry who doesn’t know how hardcore a fan Solar is of BTS’s discography,

or Moonbyul‘s friendship with Jin.

Wheein also recently showed her appreciation through her rendition of “Dimple” during a live open mic session. On the other hand, Hwasa supported Jimin‘s collaboration with BIGBANG‘s Taeyang on “VIBE” through her short cover on Jay Park’s Drive.

MAMAMOO and BTS have not had many interactive moments on camera in the past few years, but their mutual respect and appreciation are still apparent. So, fans were obviously surprised when Hwasa gave a shoutout to the group quite out of the blue.

Hwasa is gearing up to appear on tvN’s upcoming variety show Dancing Queens On The Road. Ever since the channel announced its lineup, the anticipation around the show has been higher than ever. Hwasa will join industry icons Uhm Jung HwaLee HyoriKim Wan Sun, and BoA, as the group goes touring around the country, performing their popular hits.

On May 12, a long trailer for the show was released on the Teo YouTube channel, showing some of the behind-the-scenes processes that went into putting the entire thing together. The five singers gathered to discuss costumes, and as most of the members started pitching sexy options like see-through outfits, BoA funnily remarked, “These unnies are fierce.”

Hwasa then pitched another idea, that the group should name itself “Bangtan Girls,” causing the room to explode in excitement.

Fans of both artists are over the moon with this shout-out and can’t wait to see how the conversation lead to this suggestion! Dancing Queens On The Road will start airing on tvN on May 25.

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