GOT7’s Mark Tuan Proves He’s The Best Celebrity Ever With How Lovingly He Treated Gifts From Fans

Best boy!

Previously, it was reported that GOT7‘s Mark Tuan had joined Creative Artists Agency (CAA). In order to congratulate him, fans from all over the world sent him gifts including wine, food, accessories, and luxury items, as well as many, many flowers!

Not only did Mark make sure to post pictures of him amongst all the gifts gathered in CAA’s lobby…

| @marktuan/Instagram

…he also personally loaded the gifts into a moving truck to bring the precious cargo home.

It is rare to see celebrities personally take care of the packing and transportation of their fan gifts as the job is usually left to managers or staff. It can be seen that Mark carefully packed each item so as not to crush anything. He continued this simple, yet touching act by arranging the flowers he received along a pathway to his home. His older sister shared the sight on her Instagram story, and also reassured perishable gifts had been moved indoors and away from the sun.

Fans had gifted the singer with many items they felt he might need, such as vlogging kits, cameras, microphones, gaming sets, a longboard, and more. Luxury clothing items and accessories were also bequeathed to the star.

It isn’t how much the gifts cost, or how long they will last. The important thing is the careful thought and selection each fan put into choosing the gifts, and their love for him. Mark certainly touched our hearts with how delicately he treated each item no matter what it was!



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