MBC Announces New Audition Program For Self-Producing K-Pop Group

They’re looking for musicians not idols.

MBC announced that they’re planning on launching a brand new audition program this fall. The new audition program will focus on creative musicians in their teens.

The new program is set to be completely different from the audition programs arranged so far. First, only applicants in their 10’s will be eligible to apply. They are looking for teenagers with large potential and talent. The participants will be required to have a basic background in music, whether it be vocal, rap, dance, or producing.

Photo of MBC Academy auditions, not related to the new audition program.

MBC decided to focus on musical talent than just a dream to become a celebrity. In comparison to other audition programs that had mentors and coaches who taught celebrity-hopefuls about music, MBC’s new program will require its participants to compete as musicians.

The producers aim to create a K-Pop group like BTS, who are acknowledged for their skills and their personal views on world’s issues. They want a K-Pop group of musicians, rather than idols.

The casting directors of the new program have already begun their search in various music schools and will open a public audition during summer break. The show will be produced by PD Jung Chang Young, best known for working on Music Core and Section TV.

Source: News1