Meet The Hot Stylist Who Has Styled For ATEEZ, Wonho, And More

Nara is not just a stylist either. She’s a model, artist, and advocate!

Have you ever wondered who styles your favorite K-Pop idols? While there are many stylists in the industry, there is one specific stylist who has caught our eye… Meet Nara Kim (also known as NARA).

Nara Kim | @naras._/Twitter

She is a stylist, part of StyledbyCN, consisting of herself and another stylist CHERI.

CHERI&NARA modeling for e.L.e.

Together, they have styled many of our favorite idols. This includes girl group LOONA.

They’ve also styled the one and only Kang Daniel for Rolling Stone Korea. Look at that amazing suit!

CHERI and NARA have also styled artists of PSY‘s label P NATION for Rolling Stone Korea as well. This includes K-Pop icons DAWN, HyunA, and Jessi (just to name a few).

They have literally styled everyone. Even legends Epik High!

Out of all, one of their most iconic shoots is probably this one below. They styled these fire looks for ATEEZ in their photoshoot for e.L.e. magazine.

No wonder that photoshoot was so hot… Hot people were behind it.

Of course, she also did the styling for Wonho for e.L.e. Their styles are actually similar, both gender non-conforming, so this seems like a fitting duo.

Additionally, she is a proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community, identifying as queer and bisexual. She’s even shared sweet photos with her girlfriend on her Instagram account!

Of course, this makes her the perfect person to work with other queer artists! She has styled another great solo K-Pop artist: Holland, one of the first and few openly gay idols. This was actually her very first gig as a stylist!

In Korea, advocating for LGBTQ+ tends to seem like a subculture. There are not many women who are publicly out, so there is a sense of responsibility, as if I am the representative bisexual in Korea. It is really important to recognize that we are each other’s support and courage.

— Nara Kim

In addition to being a stylist for K-Pop idols, Nara is a model herself. She has appeared in magazines, such as Vogue and Dazed Korea, and modeled for brands FARFETCH and FILA Korea among many others.

Nara has a unique style of her own. She shared during an Instagram Live that she got into fashion because of an interest in menswear. It allows her to explore herself and gain confidence in her individuality.

My personal style has allowed me to take off the things that have bound me culturally and socially. When I found my own way of dressing, I gained the confidence to speak up and be honest. I wore clothes to create a character called ‘Nara,’ but I want to become Nara even if I didn’t wear Nara.

— Nara Kim

Nara is open about topics that are normally viewed as taboo in Korea. She’s candid about everything, especially sexuality.

With both Nara’s openness and talent for modeling, she has become the perfect person to represent various brands. She models not just clothes but also advertises a wide array of products.

She’s modeled for name brands like Calvin Klein a few times now. She always looks great in whatever she wears too.

Nara’s quite the influencer as she has over 200,000 followers on Instagram. So, companies have asked her to advertise their products, from makeup to even vibrators, since she is an advocate for women’s freedom.

As a true LGBTQIA+ icon, Nara also recognizes that not everyone has the need or desire for sexual activities, including self-pleasure, as she even mentioned asexuality in one of her posts. She’s truly inclusive of all.

Another form of expression she has is art, which goes hand in hand with style and fashion. Nara has an eye for what looks good, so naturally, she’s an artist. She posts her creations on Instagram as @kim_jaas.

In addition to Instagram, Nara has a YouTube channel called Nara in the Box, which, unfortunately, has just two videos. The channel aims to explore “the gap between the self as an influencer and the self of reality.” 

She recognizes the platform she has. As a result, she often uses it for good by spreading awareness on topics she cares about, such as equality.

I want to instill confidence in my young friends so that they can love themselves just the way they are…

— Nara Kim

With Nara’s heart, talent, and stunning visuals, we wouldn’t be surprised to see her rise in fame herself. She even has got Instagram’s attention. There’s nothing she can’t do! Read more about her below:

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