Meet LUNA, The New K-Pop Group That…Doesn’t Exist?

Prepare to stan!

A new K-Pop boy group is preparing to make their debut…sort of.

LUNA | @band.luna.official/Instagram

Meet LUNA, (not to be confused with LOONA), a fictional group from the upcoming K-Drama Let Me Be Your Knight. Its lineup consists of actor-singers Lee Jun Young, Jang Dong Joo, Kim Jong Hyun, Kim Dong Hyun, and Yoon Ji Sung.

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Lee Jun Young stars as Yoon Tae In, LUNA’s main vocalist and producer. The series follows his struggles with a chronic sleepwalking condition. He hopes to secretly cure himself with the help of LUNA’s resident doctor, In Yoon Ju (played by lead actress Jung In Sun). Of course, romance ensues.

Lee Jun Young | @band.luna.official/Instagram

Lee Jun Young, also known by his stage name Jun is a member of the real K-Pop group U-KISS, and he was also in the project group UNB. He has acted in a number of K-Dramas, including Avengers Social Club, Class of Lies, and Imitation.

Jang Dong Joo plays LUNA’s guitarist and sub-vocalist, Seo Woo Yeon. In reality, this talented idol is actually a full-time actor. He has acted in six K-Drama so far, including Loss Time Life and Class of Lies. He has also been in two films: Honest Candidate and The Unstoppable Curling Team.

Jang Dong Joo | @band.luna.official/Instagram

Kim Jong Hyun plays LUNA’s Lee Sin, the bass player and sub-vocalist. Most K-Pop fans know Kim Jong Hyun by his stage name JR; he is the rapper and leader of NU’EST. His acting credits include the show Lonely Gourmet: Taipei and the movie Their Distance. 

Kim Jong Hyun | @band.luna.official/Instagram

Yoon Ji Sung plays Kim Yoo Chan, the band’s drummer and sub-vocalist. This singer-turned-actor rose to fame on the competition show Produce 101, and he went on to lead its project group Wanna One. He is now a soloist and a musical theatre actor, making his K-Drama debut in Let Me Be Your Knight. 

Yoon Ji Sung | @band.luna.official/Instagram

Last but not least is Kim Dong Hyun in the role of Woo Ga On, LUNA’s keyboardist and sub-vocalist. In real life, Kim Dong Hyun (Donghyun) is a former Produce 101 contestant and current member of the duo MXM and the group AB6IX.

Kim Dong Hyun | @band.luna.official/Instagram

Let Me Be Your Knight is scheduled to premiere on SBS TV on November 7, 2021. Mark your calendars, and get ready to stan!

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