MeloMance’s Kim Min Seok Tells Off “No Photo” Rule-Breakers At His Concert, Fan Reactions Divided

Fans on Twitter are attacking the vocalist for being “snarky.”

Since December 9 (KST), South Korean duo MeloMance has hosted the first two nights of concerts in Seoul for their Korea tour “Festival.”

Following the opening night, the vocalist Kim Min Seok took to his Instagram stories to call out the rule-breakers in the audience. Sounding frustrated but still courteous, Kim asked why photography was taking place against the venue and artist policies.

| @m_l_i_j_201/Instagram

I only ask because I can’t quite understand. From what I know, it is not allowed for the performance to be photographed and/or videographed. So I’m a bit curious to know why some are still photographing us and even sharing the pictures and videos on Instagram with us tagged?

— Kim Min Seok

In a consecutive post, Kim reminded the audience that picture-taking is allowed only before the concert or during the encore performance.

| @m_l_i_j_201/Instagram

Remember not to do it during the performance. You can take them before the show or during the encore.

— Kim Min Seok

Unfortunately, these stories—as harmless and informative as they seem—have caused fierce reactions. Some online comments, such as on Twitter, attacked Kim Min Seok for being “snarky” to his fans, all the while pointing out that mid-show photography had always been excused throughout K-Pop concert history.

You should be grateful that there are people interested enough to photograph you.

— @aeheosung/Twitter

Look, I understand the no-photography rule. But that’s not what I’m pissed about. It’s his snarky tone in this message. He should be thanking the fans who care enough to photograph him. But he’s being an ingrate about it. Stop hating on your own fans, seriously.

— @wtf__q9/Twitter

I’d rather stan these idols who are posing in front of the no-photography sign. Heh.

— @__pung_/Twitter

On the other hand, rule-following fans grew furious at the backlash.

| theqoo
  • “People who go to MeloMance concerts go to listen to the live vocal and piano. To have camera shutters go off mid-performance? Yes, it is frustrating. It’s not like those pictures and videos bring in a lot of new fans. Their music does. Rule-breakers ruin the performance for everyone there. I completely understand why [Kim Min Seok] got upset.”
  • “We all realize that the performances are eventually turned into official videos that you can purchase, right? I hate cellphone photographers who block the view at concerts. They should be banned for sure.”
  • “Why is Kim Min Seok getting hate, though? It wasn’t even like a huge idol concert… And how come people on Twitter are all throwing hands at him when they’re not even his fans? He’s literally getting bullied for no reason. This blows my mind.”

Even non-MeloMance fans deeply related to the debate, criticizing all “mannerless” fans who cause trouble for not only the artist but also fellow audience members and even security guards.

| theqoo
  • “If the artist tells you not to do something, don’t do it. And stop being petty over the tone of a written message… Like you are f*cking selfish. That’s all.”
  • “What’s wrong with the tone, though? It’s cute.”
  • “For f*ck’s sake, STOP if they tell you to stop. I was actually at another artist’s performance today and someone was photographing with a whole camera stand. The security guards came by four times. They kept lying and saying they weren’t photographing. But they were. And the shutter clicks were so loud and annoying.”

The stories have since been deleted. Regardless, the debate continues to grow while MeloMance is scheduled to perform one final night in Seoul.

MeloMance on the first night of the concert. | @melomance/Facebook
Source: theqoo

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