Microdot’s Scandal Shines Light On Similar Scandals Involving iKON’s B.I, Actress Lee Yu Bi and More

Their future may be at risk.

The fraud scandal involving Microdot’s parents has brought light to similar scandals of other celebrities, some of whom include iKON’s B.I, actresses Lee Yu Bi and Lee Da In, and television personality Kim Na Young.


These celebrities have recently been correlated with the term “stolen spoon”, rather than “silver spoon”, due to the fraud scandals their family members were involved in.


Microdot’s parents were recently accused of stealing almost $2 million USD from their acquaintances and the rapper has withdrawn from all of his broadcasts as a result.

Rapper Microdot’s Parents Accused Of Scamming Dozens Out Of Nearly $2 Million


Another celebrity who has been involved in a similar scandal is iKON’s B.I. The idol had been known to come from a wealthy family since his days on the hip-hop survival program, Show Me the Money.


Before iKON’s debut in 2014, however, B.I’s father was charged on suspicion of embezzling 2.4 billion KRW ($2.1 million USD) from his company. He and an accomplice raised 1.8 billion KRW ($1.6 million USD) from investors by making fraudulent company statements and shared 2.4 billion KRW ($2.1 million USD) for personal expenses.

[★TRENDING] iKON B.I’s father arrested for embezzling $2.4 million dollars


Actresses Lee Yu Bi and Lee Da In also became known as children born into a “privileged family” when it was revealed that their home in Hannam-dong was worth a whopping 9 billion KRW ($7.9 million USD). The actresses’ mother, Kyeon Mi Ri, who is a renowned actress herself, had reportedly accumulated her wealth through stocks.


On November 2, however, Kyeon Mi Ri’s husband Im Young Kyu was sentenced to 3 years in prison and penalties of 1.2 billion KRW ($1 million USD) for earning over 2.3 billion KRW ($2 million USD) through stock price manipulation.


Television personality Kim Na Young was also involved in a similar scandal when her husband was charged on suspicion of illegal futures trading on November 23. The celebrity’s husband had reportedly set up a company, garnered 1,063 members and earned illicit gains of 20 billion KRW ($17.7 million USD).

Due to the scandal, Kim Na Young’s appearance on the programs Come To See Me and Differential Class are expected to be edited out.


Meanwhile, Lee Yu Bi, Lee Da In and B.I continue their promotions despite the previous scandals of their family members.

Source: Hankyung