Here’s Why Microdot’s Video Post Has Been Resurfacing

He talks about his parents in the video.

A clip of Microdot’s interview that the rapper shared through his Instagram back in February has been resurfacing after his parent’s fraud scandal broke out.


In the interview, Microdot shared in detail the story of his parent’s hardship and success while explaining the meaning behind one of his tracks.


Within his album, “Prophet”, he chose the track “Dining Table” as the most meaningful and explained that it was a song that expresses his gratitude towards those who helped him overcome his difficult childhood and hardships.


He stated that his parents endured a difficult time, not being able to properly pay their rent and electricity bills, but that he didn’t know about it because of his young age.


According to Microdot, his parents were successful and had a lot of money but they had to start from scratch after their immigration, enduring many hardships until being able to purchase two houses.

“It was extremely difficult for my parents, who didn’t have anything, to purchase two houses. It took them 17 years.”

ㅡ Microdot


He added that his parents have now become the owners of the restaurant that they used to do the dishes at as a part-time job. Moreover, he claimed that he learned from his parents’ modesty despite their success.

“But their mindset is the same as when they were going through the hardship so I really admire them for that and it’s pretty amazing.”

ㅡ Microdot


Recent claims, however, seem to suggest otherwise as numerous people have been starting to speak up about the damage that was caused by his parent’s actions. Microdot’s parents were accused of running away with an estimated $2 million USD in borrowed money.

Rapper Microdot’s Parents Accused Of Scamming Dozens Out Of Nearly $2 Million


A person who claims to have been scammed out of 180 million KRW ($159,502 USD) 20 years ago stated in an interview that Microdot’s parents fleed with the money and did not pay off their debt even after they were able to do so.


Soon after the scandal broke out, Microdot denied accusations and even threatened to take legal action but later apologized after confirming the facts.

Microdot Acknowledges His Parent’s Fraud Scandal, Makes Apology To The Victims


Microdot was also cut off from his recent Pizza Hut commercial.

Pizza Hut Replaces Microdot From Commercial In The Most Unique Way


On November 25, he announced that he will be stepping down from all programs that he is currently filming, which includes The Fishermen and the City, Come to See Me and Pocha Without Borders.

Source: Kookmin Ilbo