(★UPDATE) Military Clarifies G-Dragon Did Not Receive Preferential Treatment

“Even low rank soldiers who have severe snoring stay in these rooms.”

Latest news reports confirmed that BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon did stay at a one-person hospital room, but did not receive special treatment for being a top celebrity.

A military representative clarified that luxury suits don’t exist at the  Yangzhou Armed Forces Hospital. G-Dragon was staying in a one-person room that can be used by any personnel who has special needs during their recuperation. They also explained that air conditioning, refrigerators, and televisions are not exclusive to one-person rooms.

“There isn’t a luxury suit at the Yangzhou Armed Forces Hospital.

G-Dragon was admitted to a one-person room. Colonels use the one-person rooms but even privates who requires special care or stability through isolation are allowed to stay in these rooms. Even low rank soldiers who have severe snoring stay in these rooms.

There are air conditioning, TVs, and refrigerators in common hospital rooms too.”

— Military Representative

G-Dragon was able to stay in the one-person room because of his need for privacy. As a well-known figure, his private information and health status requires extra protection.

“G-Dragon was assigned to the one-person room because there was a request to protect his private information.”

— Military Representative

Photo of inside Yangzhou Armed Forces Hospital, has no relation to news about G-Dragon’s stay.

Previous reports claimed that another soldier saw G-Dragon having guests over even past the visitation hours, but the military representative announced that they’ve checked over the security logs and confirmed that no one visited G-Dragon outside of the designated hours.

“We checked with the security and there was no visitor after 5pm.”

— Military Representative

They emphasized that no private has received preferential treatment while staying at the hospital because of their celebrity status. The Ministry of National Defense is preparing an official statement against the accusations towards G-Dragon.

“It’s impossible for a private to receive special treatment because they are a famous celebrity. The Ministry of National Defense is currently looking over the facts and will announce their official statement soon.”

— Military Representative

Source: eDaily