Famous YouTuber Praises NCT Jaehyun’s True Personality — They Used To Be Schoolmates

She calls him by his real name!

A famous YouTuber called Mincarong recently mentioned NCT’s Jaehyun in her live stream. The two had been schoolmates at the esteemed School of Performing Arts (SOPA). As they are both the same age, they knew each other from being in the same year.

She spoke about Jaehyun’s true personality and real-life visuals.

And, he’s so kind. He was an SM Entertainment trainee but he was so kind. There was no one else like that. Anyway. He’s so handsome too, Jaehyun. Yoonoh… Calling him Jaehyun is a little awkward. He was so handsome that he shone. He did not just have a good personality, but also attended school well. Even I didn’t go to school often. It makes me want to reflect. He’s an SM Entertainment trainee but still went to school well. What am I? He was everyone’s ideal type.

— Mincarong

It seems like the two might have been on good terms as she finds his real name, Yoonoh, more familiar. Mincarong herself used to be an idol trainee back in the day. She almost debuted under Wellmade Yedam.

Mincarong during her trainee days.

Now, she focuses on idol makeup instead!