Mnet Criticized For Poor Treatment To “Street Woman Fighter” Dancers, Taking Advantage Of The Show’s Popularity

Multiple people called out Mnet.

Mnet has been criticized for their poor treatment towards the Street Woman Fighter dancers and teams during their attempt to take advantage of the show’s popularity.

According to an exclusive report from JTBC, the production team behind Street Woman Fighter is very eager to release a follow-up to the show following its unexpected rise to becoming a public sensation. They have already opened up all profit channels that they can from the show, producing additional content and releasing fancams of the performances that were non-existent before.

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However, the production team has been accused of rushing projects and not consulting the teams or dancers properly. The urgent production of the spin-off content for Street Woman Fighter has resulted in a lack of prior consultation with the dancers and teams, as well as more frequent demands to sudden schedule changes. One insider shared what has been happening to the teams, as they are forced to cancel schedules to attend Mnet’s.

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Notifications are being sent to the teams without any prior consultation. Since it’s a schedule from the broadcast company, there is no choice but to follow it, so they have to cancel previously scheduled events and apologize to them instead.

— Insider

Teams from Street Woman Fighter have already made guest appearances at KCON:TACT HI5 earlier this month, and have reportedly also held discussions about being involved at 2021 MAMA later this year.

One official shared how taking a more positive approach to presenting the crews on the show would be beneficial, but Mnet decided to choose the opposite approach.

The positive effects that could come from improving the perception of the choreographers on Street Woman Fighter are clear, but the broadcasting company’s attitude, using the dancers’ skills against them, is not a good look.

— Official

The production team was also criticized for their editing, claiming Mnet only cared about the company and the benefits they would reap, not the dancers and crews, hence the multitude of caption errors and broadcasting mistakes. A source close to a dancer on the show also shared that because there were many people who were on broadcast for the first time, there were bound to be difficulties.

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It’s true that there were many people experiencing the broadcasting side for the first time, so there were difficulties in coordinating things and sometimes words just slip out.

— Dancer’s acquaintance.

Source: JTBC