Mnet Gallery Declares Boycott Against Everything Related To YG Entertainment

YG artists are facing a boycott because of accusations of Yang Hyun Suk providing sexual services to investors.

Mnet Gallery, a popular K-Pop forum from DC Inside, announced that they will be holding a boycott on everything related to YG Entertainment. The announcement follows MBC Straight‘s exclusive coverage into the allegations that Yang Hyun Suk solicited prostitution to foreign investors.


Mnet Gallery announced that they believe YG Entertainment failed to properly promote K-Pop on a global scale, and instead, caused a dark image to cast over the growing industry.

They cited how YG Entertainment has always been somehow involved and accused of illegal activities since the beginning of Seungri’s Scandal.

Although they don’t mention when or if they will be ending their boycott, it appears Mnet Gallery will refrain from discussing, consuming, and using anything related to YG Entertainment.


It appears YG artists continue to receive backlash due to their affiliation to YG Entertainment and Yang Hyun Suk. iKON and WINNER recently faced protests by university students who did not want YG to profit off of their tuitions.

In the midst of the various protests, multiple YG artists are planning their comebacks and debuts, including Lee Hi, iKON, TREASURE13Eun Jiwon and more.


Read Mnet Gallery’s full statement below:

Ever since the launch of Mnet Gallery back in 2017, we have become a forum where fans can discuss their love for K-Pop, music, and everything Mnet produces.

After watching [MBC Straight]’s coverage of the allegations against CEO Yang Hyun Suk, we have officially decided to begin boycotting all music from YG Entertainment.

So much has been revealed and had taken place in the entertainment industry since the Burning Sun scandal broke earlier in January. YG Entertainment has always been named in the accusations since the very beginning.

Entertainment agencies, that should be upholding social values and moral integrity, have been involved in such inappropriate activities. We can’t help but believe [YG] has lost its fans’ trust.

I believe YG Entertainment has failed in its responsibility to properly help grow K-Pop on a global scale. From now on, we will not be using or consuming any music that was produced by YG Entertainment.

— Mnet Gallery

Source: Dispatch