“Be Mbitious” K-Pop Idols Hit Back At Criticisms From Fellow Contestants That They’re Inferior To “Real” Dancers

Netizens praised their savage responses to the prejudice!

Mnet‘s newest dance show and the male equivalent of Street Woman Fighter, Be Mbitious, has started airing trailers and content ahead of the show’s premiere. The show is a dance competition between some of the best dancers in Korea fighting for a chance to form their own crew and compete on Street Man Fighter. 

The contestants of “Be Mbitious” | The CHOOM (더 춤)/YouTube 

Amongst the lineup, there are a significant number of current and former K-Pop idols, including PENTAGON‘s Kino, KARD‘s BM, ONF‘s U, DKB‘s Harry June, HOTSHOT‘s Noh Taehyun, and former INFINITE member Hoya.

Former INFINITE member Hoya’s audition | The CHOOM (더 춤)/YouTube
PENTAGON Kino’s audition | The CHOOM (더 춤)/YouTube


They all showcased their skills through the auditions and made it to the final lineup.

When it comes to K-Pop idols, people tend to associate them with terms such as “unskilled” or “unprofessional, whether it’s dancing or rapping. It seems as if the same assumptions are making their way into the new dance show.

In a recent video posted, netizens were introduced to the dancers taking part. There was a particular segment that introduced all those who are seen as “idol” dancers.

| The CHOOM (더 춤)/YouTube

When they entered, some of the other contestants were seen making comments about the idols, explaining, “Wouldn’t there be a difference in levels?” and “It’s not like they only dance.

| The CHOOM (더 춤)/YouTube
| The CHOOM (더 춤)/YouTube

Yet, the idols competing on Be Mbitious have clapped back in the most savage way possible. Rather than take the comments, many of those competing had their own responses and seemed to take the criticism with a pinch of salt.

Former Produce 101 contestant and member of JxR Baekjin (also known as SuperJin) shared his shock at the comments, adding that they shouldn’t underestimate idol dancers.

How dare they?! [Dancers] with idol experience know how to dance a lot better, I guarantee this. Really.

— Baekjin

| The CHOOM (더 춤)/YouTube   

In particular, PENTAGON’s Kino and KARD’s BM impressed fans with their no-nonsense approach to the comments.

Kino: They might think [idols] lack the expertise, fine. But not me.

BM: Okay, that’s fine! They can run their mouths. But they also better not lose.

| The CHOOM (더 춤)/YouTube

Finally, former HOTSHOT and JBJ member Noh Taehyun’s comment made netizens laugh as he knew that the criticism from his fellow contestants could bite them if they lost to an idol.

Don’t you think it’ll be hilarious? When the idols beat all the dancers?

— Noh Taehyun

| The CHOOM (더 춤)/YouTube

Yet, it isn’t the first time this prejudice has been seen amongst “professional” and “idol” dancers. On Street Woman Fight, idol Chaeyeon was criticized by the contestants for being an “idol” dancer and not having the same skills as the others.

All I could think is, ‘she’s an idol!’ She danced like I used to dance back when I was a student. You can tell that she still has a lot to learn.

— WAYB’s Gyurian

The criticism towards Chaeyeon | Mnet Official/YouTube

In a Street Woman Fighter trailer, the artist appeared to be wearing numerous stickers that say “NO RESPECT.” Chaeyeon could be seen crying as she said, “I don’t think I can dance anymore.” Her crew members are there to support her and even asked the cameramen to stop filming out of respect for the artist’s privacy.

| Mnet Official/YouTube 

Many netizens praised the male idols for their confidence and bold remarks when it came to prejudice. In particular, after seeing the treatment of Chaeyeon during Street Woman Fighter, they hope that these idols will showcase their talent and prove the haters wrong.

You can read more about some of the show’s contestants below.

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Source: The CHOOM (더 춤)/YouTube 
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