HYBE Doesn’t Play No Games — Here’s How Strict Checks For Entry Into Music Shows Are

You can’t even buy tickets from resellers.

For those that are not yet in the know, the system to attend music shows can get rather tricky. While most foreigners can purchase entry tickets from external vendors or tour groups, things aren’t that easy for Koreans. In the past, with the 2nd or 3rd generation groups, you could line up with an album and fan club membership in hand and try to make the cut. Fans would line up from dawn just to make it in.

Music show tickets for sale on a tourism site. | Trazy

Now, with K-Pop growing, companies host online raffles to select the lucky few. The problem with this is that it is hard to track down those who try to resell their slots for extra cash. These scalpers would take off their access wristbands after identity checks and hand them off to buyers. Companies have tried to stop this by conducting multiple checks using ID cards and membership cards and strapping on the wristbands tighter, but somehow, these scalpers slipped through the cracks.

Recently, HYBE stepped up with extra tight security, causing fans to buzz about how strict entry was getting. A LE SSERAFIM fan talked about their experience with getting into a music show.

Fans talking about their experience. | theqoo

[LFM’s music show checks the wristbands 4 times and they continuously check your ID]

HYBE already warned that resellers (and those who buy from them) will be put on an overall blacklist and have their access wristbands cut with scissors on the spot. It was scary how the fan manager chased down those who bolted and cut it, plus warned them about the blacklist.

Today’s pre-recording allowed 300 fans in but I’m not sure why they’re being so strict about it today. Maybe they will host a private surprise fan meeting or something but this is the first I’m seeing them being so strict.

+ because resellers also rent out their ID cards, they started checking credit cards additionally.

— Fan

This is not the first time that fans have experienced stringent measures. SM Entertainment was known to check passports, IDs, and more while printing names on tickets to prevent resellers. Although some fans may complain that if fans are willing to pay extra to see their idols, they should be allowed to, this will only result in more scalpers fighting for tickets from true fans.

Source: theqoo


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