Nam Goong Yeon Accused Of Sexual Harrassment By Another Musician

“After reading Victim A’s story, I thought it was very similar to what I experienced.”

Nam Goong Yeon, who has been in the midst of a sexual harassment accusation, has been accused by yet another victim.

Source: Yonhap News

“I first met Nam Goong Yeon in the late 90’s, which is when I was sexually harassed by him.” ㅡ Victim


The victim revealed that in the recording studio, Nam Goong Yeon pointed out flaws in her personality and asked inappropriate questions such as whether or not she has masturbated before. He then demanded that she take off her pants.


The victim explained that she declined his requests but he kept on insisting.

“When I asked why I should take off my pants, he said that it wasn’t because he saw me as a woman. I tried to assure myself thinking that as a married man, he was probably not trying to do anything inappropriate, but I ended up with a very unpleasant experience.” — Victim


She demanded an apology from Nam Goong Yeon warning that if he continues to deny accusations, she would expose everything she experienced in detail. Meanwhile, Nam Goong Yeon said that he didn’t know the woman and remembers no such incident through his legal representative.


Nam Goong Yeon is best known as a drummer who frequently guested on multiple variety shows through the years.


Source: NoCutNews

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