NCT 127’s Haechan Forgot How His Handshake With Mark Goes, And Fans Are Loving Mark’s “Savage” Reaction In Now-Deleted Clip

This proves they are true best friends!

After growing up together and facing many of the same struggles as members of two NCT units, it’s safe to say Mark and Haechan have a true sibling bond.

Haechan (left) and Mark (right) | Puma Korea

Their long history and shared experiences have often been the source of hilarious stories, many of them based on the two members’ famous bickering.

Haechan once even hilariously confessed that he often was afraid of being scolded by Mark, who is the leader of NCT DREAM.

Yet, despite their bickering, the two of them have proved to be the most wholesome besties. As such, they naturally have a special handshake together, like many of their other NCT members. But fans can’t stop laughing after seeing a now-deleted clip of Haechan accidentally forgetting how the handshake goes, especially because of Mark’s reaction.

In the behind-the-scenes footage of NCT 127‘s “2 Baddies” on Studio Choom, the members were entertaining themselves with some hilarious shenanigans, including leader Taeyong doing his best to distract the others by busting out his best moves.

Their staff wasn’t safe from being teased either…

…and Mark was most definitely not safe from Haechan.

But when the two of them attempted their special handshake, Haechan faltered and failed to remember how it ended.

Fans quickly noticed the gesture Mark hilariously did in response…

And it led to plenty of amusement over the true chaotic friendship that Mark and Haechan share.

While some netizens were not altogether happy to see Mark “flipping Haechan off,” many NCTzens were happy to see this unfiltered side of Mark, especially because it says a lot about how genuine his bond is with Haechan.

Still, due to some backlash, Studio Choom has since reuploaded the video without the Mark and Haechan clip, despite the fact that the interaction didn’t really mean anything. After all, Mark and Haechan will always have the cutest…

…and the most chaotic sibling bond!

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