NCT Dream’s Haechan Had To Choose Which Member To Date If He Was A Girl And The Result Is A Chaotic Mess

Would you have chosen the same?

NCT Dream recently made an appearance on MBC FM4U‘s Jung Oh’s Hope Song, This Is Kim Shin Young. They came on to promote their latest comeback, “Hot Sauce”. During a lightning round of questions, the members had to answer whatever question was thrown at them. Haechan got picked for the question of all questions — which member would he date if he was a girl?

The caveat was that they would be the only two people left on earth. Haechan picked Jaemin after a few seconds of consideration.

It feels like if Jaemin is there, it will always be fun. Jaemin is really caring and he also is good at cooking and cleaning. He will clean everything for me. Things that I can’t do, Jaemin is good at, so he can make up for these points. The question is if I’m a girl right? So Jaemin firstly has a good voice, and there’s just many points where you will fall for him.

— Haechan

Jaemin expressed his gratitude and how touched he felt that Haechan complimented him. However, when he was asked the same question, here’s the unexpected answer he gave.

I would live alone.

— Jaemin

He literally didn’t bother to hesitate and went straight in for the kill. We love us some Nahyuck bickering! Catch the moment on radio below.


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