NCT’s Jaehyun Gains Attention For His Acting Skills From Fans And Non-Fans Alike

It’s hard to believe it’s his first time acting!

NCT‘s Jaehyun recently made his highly anticipated acting debut with K-Drama Dear. M, and he has not disappointed with his acting skills!

Jaehyun as Cha Minho

While fans were eager to see him as an actor for some time, they were forced to wait a long while after Dear. M was postponed following allegations of bullying against lead actress Park Hye Su. Yet, thankfully, fans were able to finally see him make his debut this year, more than a year after the drama was originally supposed to air.

Jaehyun and Park Hye Su

Jaehyun is considered one of the ‘ace’ members of NCT, but because his acting projects were all postponed or canceled, it wasn’t until now that fans got to see how far his acting talent goes. And while fans were expecting to fall in love with Actor Jaehyun, it turns out that his acting skills are charming both fans and non-fans alike!

So far, Jaehyun’s Cha Minho has flashed his abs and made fans react hilariously to a steamy kiss scene

…but recently, it was his acting that led him to trend on Twitter, as fans expressed their overwhelming pride in him.

And not just fans! Dear. M and Jaehyun have made it into the news, with his performance being praised for its stability despite his being a rookie.

In fact, some have pointed out that K-Drama fans themselves are now noticing Jaehyun for his acting…

…which perhaps shouldn’t come as a surprise, as even the producers on the show seem to have fallen in love with him.

Seeing as this is only Jaehyun’s first venture into the world of acting, it will be exciting for both NCTzens and K-Drama fans to see how far he will go as he continues to develop his skills!

For now, however, NCTzens urgently need a reaction video to Jaehyun’s kiss scene from his members…

…especially if it’s anything like their reaction to Doyoung on his K-Drama.

Congratulations to Jaehyun on an impressive acting debut!

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