NCT’s Jaehyun Gets Attacked by Malicious Comments About His Itaewon Controversy During Live Broadcast

“Go eat your meat at a club, Jaehyun.” – Malicious Netizen

NCT recently held a live broadcast for their new release, “Punch”, but Jaehyun was hit with countless malicious comments due to his recent Itaewon controversy.

Ahead of the broadcast, Jaehyun was greatly criticized for breaking the social distancing guidelines by gathering with friends in Itaewon.

And although Jaehyun was bound to be nervous, he tried his best to smile and greeted fans on the live broadcast.

But what particularly grabbed viewers’ attention was the way Jaehyun’s face would stiffen whenever he looked at the screen.

Even when he won a game and won a meat giftset, he still didn’t smile.

Following the broadcast, one netizen shared screenshots of the malicious comments that were made about Jaehyun.

Many of them criticized Jaehyun for his Itaewon controversy.

That’s hilarious. Go eat your meat at a club, Jaehyun.

He’ll eat that with his Itaewon fam and girls.

Just keep quiet, Jaehyun.

– Netizens

Withdraw from the group, Jaehyun. Don’t go on TV.

NCT’s Jaehyun, please keep to the social distancing guidelines.

Jaehyun, tell us some good restaurants in Itaewon.

Some hot places in Itaewon, too.

– Netizens

Although Jaehyun shared a formal apology for his behavior not long after the incident, some fans are still targeting him with malicious comments on both his social media and broadcasts.

Source: Insight


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