NCT’s Jaemin Goes Viral For His Unreal Visuals And Natural Charm

The viral clip was the most Jaemin-like thing ever!

NCT‘s Jaemin has gone viral once again, and the reason why won’t surprise NCTzens.


After NCT DREAM wrapped up their successful two-day concert at the Jamsil Olympic Stadium, there was no shortage of iconic moments for NCTzens to gush over, many of which went viral. Jeno and Haechan, for one, sent the internet into meltdown with their steamy choreography in “Quiet Down”…

…while Jeno and Jaemin had fans feeling emotional with their touching reaction to Renjun‘s ending ment.

That’s not to say there weren’t any comedic viral moments, however. Jaemin and Haechan went viral for the funniest interaction ever before the concert even started! But now, Jaemin is gaining attention in his own right. NCTzens claimed that, when Jaemin said he was going to look more handsome than ever at THE DREAM SHOW 2…he really meant it.

And looking at the visuals he served, it seems like he really did! Jaemin brought back one of his fan-favorite hairstyles and wore it to maximum effect.

And fans couldn’t help pointing out that his proportions are noticeably bigger than before…

In fact, they might even more than rival Jeno’s now—which is saying a lot!

Considering his insane visuals, as well as the fact that Jaemin has an effortlessly charming personality, it’s hardly a surprise that Jaemin went viral the way he did. A clip from the concert has accumulated over 1.5 million views—a clip of him showing off his unreal visuals by winking in the most Jaemin-like way.

It really goes to show that even doing the bare minimum, Jaemin’s visuals and his natural charm are more than enough to make him viral! After all, he even turned an uncomfortable wardrobe malfunction into an opportunity for sexiness.

Jaemin has once again definitively proved his position as the visual center of NCT DREAM!

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